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Oregon / Oregon Live reports from the Oregon State Capitol in Eugene, Oregon, on the ongoing battle between the state and federal government over the future of the Oregon Constitution.

The Direction of the Benton County Citizens League, "published by the Center for Constitutional Studies at the University of Oregon School of Law in Eugene, Oregon. It illustrates the history of constitutional issues in the states of Oregon and the United States.

Corvallis, Oregon Metropolitan Statistical Area, includes Benton County and is the largest metropolitan area in Oregon with a population of about 1.5 million people. The metropolis of Benten County is home to the University of Portland, Oregon State University and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, as well as several universities, hospitals and other colleges. It is a small town of about 1,000 inhabitants, surrounded by forest and has an area of 3,200 square kilometers.

Corvallis has excellent educational opportunities, including the University of Portland, Oregon State University, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. OSU was once primarily an agricultural college, but now has more than 1,000 students and doctoral candidates, as well as a number of faculties and staff.

Portland's only drawback is that the public school system is not very good, but in Corvallis it is good, and it is not as unconventional as Eugene or Ashland. It seems politically liberal and quite tolerant, although it sometimes has a straight-forward quality.

I love being in the centre of Corvallis and supporting the local economy by using the cottages in the area whenever possible. I think that a good future for Cor valliis lies in the hands of local companies that have a lot of public support and offer something unique.

What is the argument against moving to Silicon Valley and staying in Oregon and why is it so important to you?

There are other places in Oregon that would be nice for raising a family, including Portland, Eugene and Ashland. I would definitely consider Corvallis but personally it wouldn't be enough for me And the more I go, the more I would go somewhere. It really depends on what you want for your retirement and if your job is not for you, you could move to another city (as opposed to Portland for example).

I think Corvallis would be a great place to live, both cities are very similar, but they have their own unique atmosphere, from the great parks and hiking trails to the fantastic restaurants and shops.

With so many positive attributes, it's no wonder Corvallis is recognised as a top-ten place to live. In 2014, it was named the third best college city in the country by the American Institute of Economic Research, and in 2012 Forbes ranked it one of the top ten places to work and retire in America. Forbes ranked it as Oregon's second-best city for job creation in 2008, fourth for college students in 2013 and fifth for retirees. For 2012 and 2013, Forbes ranked us among the top five cities in the country for business and education.

In 2016, Corvallis was ranked by College Magazine as one of the top ten places you never want to go again, and in 2015 as the best college town in the country for college students.

OSU's focus on healthy living is reflected in the fact that Corvallis has one of the highest percentages of people who cycle to work and the second- highest percentage of people who walk to work and from work. The city itself also ranks third in Oregon in the bike-to-work ratio, according to the Oregon Department of Transportation.

The average journey for the inhabitants of Corvallis is 16.3 minutes, which is less than half what you would pay for a house on 99 W, I would suppose, but it is not too bad, and the journey to and from Salem from Cor vallenis is not too good either. Where you work, Salem determines which route (Highway 99 or I5) you enter and exit From Corv down to the I-5 corridor, where you will work. Half of your journey will be between the two cities themselves, and half will depend on which part of Salem is your starting and ending point. In fact, the average journey time between Salem and Portland, Oregon, by car or bike is 15.5 minutes for the entire route, even if you are in Cor Valles along the i5 corridor.

When you're out, Oregon is a good choice, and nature is everywhere in the area, so if you're in a city, be it Salem, Corvallis, Portland or any of the other cities along the Oregon Coast. US Route 20, which leads to Newport, Oregon Route 34, which leads to Portland and Oregon State University, and Interstate 5, passes through Cor Vallenis and along the Oregon Coast, along with some other scenic routes, such as the scenic Oregon Trail, Pacific Crest Trail and Portland Trail.

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More About Corvallis